Project period                 : 1 September 2015 to 31 August 2019

Targeted beneficiary    :  375 direct beneficiaries and 1500 indirect beneficiaries

Working area                  : Dhaka city corporation

Funding Source (s)       : Comic Relief-UK

Turning Job seeker into Job creators in Bangladesh project is a 4-year project started in September 2015 with the technical and financial assistance of the Comic Relief and is being implemented by B’Yeah in the working area of Dhaka City Corporation.

The project aimed to supporting 300 underserved young entrepreneurs with pioneering business ideas through a market-based holistic support package, including training (375 trainees), business plan consultancy, access to finance and innovative mentoring models, enabling them to start and grow sustainable businesses, creating jobs for 750 others, thereby enhancing quality of life of 1,050 disadvantaged young people.

The project has been working with a wide range of stakeholders included startup & growth youth entrepreneurs, mentors, officials of banks and financial institutes and institutes, etc. for supporting and strengthening youth entrepreneurs in Bangladesh. The project is implementing a number of activities to achieve the following 3 defined outcomes:

  1. Underserved young entrepreneurs have enhanced entrepreneurial competencies, business knowledge and networks, which they are able to put into practice to become more effective entrepreneurs
  2. Underserved young entrepreneurs are able to start and grow sustainable businesses
  3. Enhanced capacity of B’Yeah to provide a high-quality holistic package of support to young entrepreneurs at scale, and monitor, evaluate and learn from their work