<p style=”text-align: left;”><strong>Ms. Shanta Islam Shathi</strong> got married when she was only 18, but early marriage could not stop her from pursuing further studies and emerging as a successful entrepreneur later. “I did not want to be a static witness as a member of a poor family rather eager to live with freedom, dignity and safe life” –a simple desire made U-turn of Shathi’s life a year before. Curranty Shathi is a women entrepreneur of 27 years old with only 12 class education and lives in Mirpur, Dhaka. She was married couple of years before and was spending her hard life in her husband’s family along with her father and mother in laws. She has a sweet daughter too. Due to the economic crisis in family she wanted to give relieve her husband and start a small business. So that she has started a beauty parlor in a room rented by Tk 5,000 monthly in Mirpur-10, Dhaka. Before starting business she had a 3-month long course on beautification. Then initially she had invested only Tk 20,000 from her own savings in 2014 and give the name of that parlor- Opshawary Beauty Parlor. She had faced a year-long struggle to start-up her business and failed. As she has the technical skills so that she works from her home and earn very few money what was not enough for serving her family. She was in frustration and searching way forward.</p> <p style=”text-align: left;”>Suddenly one of her friend told her about B’Yeah who can help her to start her business again. Shathi knocked to B’Yeah to become project participant. After receiving the training, a new hope emerged in her mind. After that she has developed her business plan and submitted loan application to MIDAS again. Finally with the support of B’Yeah she got 400000 (£-4000) taka loan from MIDAS and gradually her business is began with new energy.</p> <p style=”text-align: left;”>Shathi has registered with B’Yeah in December, 2016, as a project participants and received training courses on entrepreneurship development, business selection process, business management, gender equality, etc and also connected with an experienced mentors. After receiving the training and mentoring support a new hope grow in her mind and see the light house by B’Yeah. She received the others supports and services from B’Yeah such as business counseling, mentoring, business plan writing and company profile development, etc.</p> <p style=”text-align: left;”>Shathi is now a successful business person with holding two branches of beauty parlors. Answering a question she said “earlier, I could not realize that there are so many things to do and learn about business plan, relation with diseases especially the reproductive health issues”. Opportunity never comes always, but appropriate use of the scope can lead a person in a positive trend, which B’Yeah has done for me, she said. Now after 1 year, she is owner of around 1600 Square feet’s full frame Beauty parlour centre decorated with air condition. Almost 6 employees are working in the parlour. These workers also earned also a handsome amount for their livelihoods. Recently they have inaugurated a JIM for female. Currently she has a net profit of Tk. 20000 – 40000 (£ 200-400) in an average per month. It is very clear that Shathi and her husband put the name of the business in the name of their child `Opshowari Beauly Parlour’. Her mentor said, Shathi is the role model for struggling youth in Bangladesh. Furthermore, Shathi has a dream to establish a big training center where many youth especially female, will receive training on beautification and will be self-employer. She is working to reach and fulfill her dream.</p>