B’Yeah’s project ‘Turning Job seekers into Job Creators in Bangladesh’ supports 300 underserved young entrepreneurs with pioneering business ideas through a market-based holistic support package, including training, business plan consultancy, access to finance and innovative mentoring models, enabling them to start and grow sustainable businesses. ‘There is a lack of opportunity for skill development here (Bangladesh). There is a lack of financial support, lack of connections with businesses and a lack of mentoring opportunities.’ explains Project Manager Mahadhe Hasan.  ‘B’Yeah is unique in offering mentorship for youth entrepreneurs. They offer individual help for entrepreneurs – help that is tailored to their needs.’ The project aims to create 750 jobs and enhance the quality of life of 1,050 disadvantaged young people. Mahadhe Hasan explains ‘We want to turn job seekers into job creators. The youth can become job creators if we invest time and money in them.’ MD. Shajib’s online gift shop ‘SB Gift Shop’ sells souvenirs such as small cardboard origami. He has been with B’Yeah, receiving support and training for 1.5 years and has had a mentor through them for 2 months, with B’Yeah offering support and additional funding when his company has been struggling. He has participated in various craft fairs selling his products and promoting his business. His company has grown and he now has 2 employees who work for him and he hopes to expand his business across Bangladesh and beyond. Tahmeena Aktheya runs a company called Pithar Shat Kahon selling traditional food. The support she has received through B’Yeah and her mentor Elias has not only helped her financially but has enabled her to develop a business plan and learn her how to market her product. She explains ‘Byeah are showing us the right way to do business and promote our product.’   ABOUT THE QUEEN’S YOUNG LEADERS GRANTS PROGRAMME The Queen’s Young Leaders Programme has awarded grants to eligible organisations in selected countries across the Commonwealth. These projects are led by, or focused on, young people and provide opportunities for them to learn new skills, secure employment, create enterprises or have a say in decisions affecting their future. The Programme is working with young people in Bangladesh, Jamaica, Sierra Leone, Solomon Islands, the United Kingdom, and Zambia. Our grants aim to ensure that young people are better qualified and able to articulate their needs, so they can influence key decision makers and create lasting positive change in their communities.