Anamika is an entrepreneur who have been registered as project participant of B’Yeah in the earlier of this year. After enrolment she has received training and business plan development support. Currently she is getting support from mentors and waiting to receive loan from Bank. She has a factory of producing mosquito coil in Dhaka since 2013.

Beginning of this year she was facing big trouble of inadequate utilities such as gas and electricity. By addressing this problem she has meet with her mentor Ms. Nusrat Khan. Ms. Nusrat Khan the director and teacher of Hotel Management Institute of Bangladesh. Hearing the problem of mentee, the mentor suggested to the replace the factory from this place to another place where proper utility services will be ensured. There was no other option because govt. has priority to develop their services in that area. Consequently the mentee has sifted her business from that place to near her house. But for the sifting expenditure and other infrastructural expense she has fallen in the big financial crisis. This crisis forced her to meet with her mentor again and the mentor suggested her to receive a short loan from the SME foundation with the recommendation of B’Yeah. But there have some other limitations of papers and procedure of bank loans. All the govt. affiliated banks required some of legal and organizational procedure like trade license, agreement, deed of business place rent, etc. Unfortunately, Anamika has none of those papers by her current business location. She was so much upset but the mentor show her another way to prepare all those papers. Mentor gave a contact address of a consultant with her reference. That consultant could help to prepare all those procedures within a short time.

Finally, Anamika met with that consultant and prepared all those papers by a short time and came to B’Yeah for the recommendation of getting bank loan of SME Foundation. By the recommendation of B’Yeah she have received taka 5,00,000 from the bank and get back to her factory production. Now she is the employer of 50 works by her small mosquito coil factory.