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Globally businesses started by young entrepreneurs play a vital role in creating jobs

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About Us

• B’Yeah is a pioneering organization in Bangladesh which promotes youth to start their own business and turn job seekers into job creators

• A non-profit and non-political organization

• Established in 2007 to replicate the successful model of YBI (Youth Business International)

• Committed support youth through business counseling, training, mentoring, access to finance and networking

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B’Yeah inclusively helps youth entrepreneurs with a holistic support of training, business plan development, access to finance, volunteering mentoring and other business development services. Though most of the youth in Bangladesh have the potential to become entrepreneur, they are not able to do so. The reasons are lack of supportive environment, lack of experience and capital. Youth of 18-35 years get involved through outreach and registration by workshop program. B’Yeah outreach those youths through partner organization like UCEP, The Hunger Project, BEST, etc.

TRAINING PROGRAM                                                                                                                                                                                                                                       

To survive in this present world of globalization development of skills is a must. And so, to fulfill this aim, training is an important process. On the other hand B’Yeah also provide training for mentors to facilitate an effective mentoring program. By the B’Yeah mentor training, mentors get orientation and understanding on concept and process of mentoring along with YBI mentoring model.

B’Yeah conducts various trainings for capacity building of youth to enhance their economic empowerment. It has a trainers’ pool consisting of stakeholders, mentors and entrepreneurship development experts.

B’Yeah’s Major training courses are-

  • Linkage and Networking
  • Entrepreneurship development & business management
  • Business planning, management and marketing
  • Business startup & growth training.
  • Gender awareness & leadership development
  • Effective Mentoring process
  • Product diversification and development
  • Finance and Accounts management
  • Skill based training, i.e light engineering, AC/Refrigerator etc
  • Digital ( online) business strategy & marketing
  • Fashion Designing
  • Food process and
  • IT and e-commerce
  • Legal procedures of business including VAT, Tax, insurance

BUSINESS DEVELOPMENT SERVICES PROGRAM                                                                                                                                                                                

B’Yeah provide-

  • Business related information
  • Process of Business Plan development
  • B’Yeah offers training in-house, which covers
  • Core business practice
  • Business counselling for startup & growth
  • Bank readiness for getting institutional loan
  • Linkage and marketing
  • Legal procedures of business including trade license, VAT, Tax, export-import, insurance etc.

MARKET LINKAGE AND ACCESS TO FINANCE PROGRAM                                                                                                                                                               

In Bangladesh, access to finance is a major challenge in promoting youth enterprise at present. To solve this problem, different financial organizations including banks are promoting loans and other services for development of youth enterprise. Bangladesh Bank has issued different package of loan through schedule banks and financial institutions for promoting SME sector in Bangladesh.

  • B’Yeah also links their beneficiaries with those services by collaboration under a partnership process with SME foundation.
  • B’Yeah facilitates advocacy for youth friendly policies in Bangladesh along with its partner organizations and govt. stakeholders.
  • B’Yeah works to establish marketing networks and channels for youth entrepreneurs through visiting the local, national and international importers, traders, retail houses and stores for marketing the youth entrepreneurs products and also liaise with the business community both national and  international level.
  • B’Yeah maintain a strong link with export promotion bureau, Small & Medium Enterprise Foundation as well as other relevant organization.
  • B’Yeah facilitates trade fair participation for its youths.

MENTORING PROGRAM                                                                                                                                                                                                                                   

Mentoring is a major component of B’yeah to develop youth enterprise. As an active member of YBI, Byeah is promoting mentoring program in Bangladesh. Mentoring is such a process through which an experience person helps provide useful advice to young enterprise. At present, the mentoring process is becoming popular and contributing in development of youth enterprises.

  • B’Yeah offers Mentoring using the YBI model, including
  • Group mentoring from senior mentors, offering a ‘bird’s eye view’,
  • Peer mentoring, from mentors who are in a similar position to the YEs, and
  • Group mentoring on specific issues from specialists e.g. legal requirements, HR issues etc.
  • Mentor training on both (i) the YBI mentoring model and (ii) the concept of mentoring.

MONITORING & EVALUATION PROGRAM                                                                                                                                                                                                 

B’Yeah stays up-to-date on the status of all its entrepreneurs and mentors. In order to evaluate progress.B’Yeah has developed several mechanisms, which involve regular phone calls to the entrepreneurs, weekly mentor-mentee coordination meeting etc. These provide B’Yeah with critical information for maintaining ongoing quality control over the mentoring relationship as well as the progress of the entrepreneur.


Youth Entrepreneurs Comment

“My life has been changed with the help of B’Yeah and I’ve transformed from a job seeker into a job giver

“My life has been changed with the help of BYEAH and I’ve transformed from a job seeker into a job giver”


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